Integrated Services

We do more than the services you’d expect from an advertising agency. To begin with, we look at our clients’ challenges from a macro perspective, find the right idea based in the right strategy, then figure out the right way to execute it. We tackle those challenges without limiting ourselves to traditional media, or public relations, or online advertising, or even social media. Because, we work across all these forms of communication. It’s all about integration. Our job is to help you work out what to say, how, when and where to say it.

We create integrated campaigns that can unlock the Power, Potential and Value of a brand.

And it only works when strategy, creative, digital and media are under one roof and work as one, end to end.  You could think of us as a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves everything our clients fancy. So, what’s it going to be for you?


  • Consumer research and insights
  • Brand strategy and workshops
  • Positioning strategies
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Campaigns

strategyBeing strategists first and foremost, we explore human insights to define a brand strategy based on a single, powerful emotive truth. We alter the odds by crafting a more discerning brand message, one that differentiates our clients from their competitors. Strategy directs us, drives us and helps us to deliver MORE than just the desired results.


  • Concept and ideation
  • Creative and art direction
  • Branding and identity
  • Print, motion and digital design
  • Copy writing and content publishing

creativeMore than just great ideas, we create compelling stories. We think from the heart, rethink from the head, and we continue doing so until we’re satisfied on both ends. Add that to a mix of strategy, creative, digital and media – all working as one – and you have one kickass concoction that is just too irresistible to miss.


  • Audience identification and targeting
  • Media planning, analytics and buying
  • Sponsorships and events
  • Media Innovations
  • OOH
  • Innovative media
  • Moving Assets

mediaOur media vertical has been one of our strongest pillars of execution, ever since the time we began our journey. Needless to say, we know more than a thing or two about the business. We know what consumers like to see, listen, and what urges them to buy, including the time and place they’re most likely to welcome a message.

Integration is the key here. Our Media and Creative teams work together to unlock holistic, integrated solutions – whether it is a film, video, print, radio, integrated campaigns, or anything that gets the message out, for that matter. With ROI, on the mind, we regularly beat the biggest media services in the country, serving you MORE on your platter.


  • Digital strategy
  • User experience
  • Community engagement and management
  • Search (SEO and SEM)
  • App Development
  • Lead generation

digitalYou see, we’re believers in big ideas that are connected. Which is why, we stitch together digital solutions that can seamlessly adapt to multiple platforms and channels, creating an uninterrupted interaction with the consumers. We also love mapping the customer journey and pin-pointing the ways in which digital and social can play a role and make a memorable impact along the way.

More time spent with customers equals more chances to build relationships with them, and you know what that leads to, right?


  • Scripting
  • Production of TVCs
  • Webisodes
  • Music videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Unboxing videos
  • Walkthroughs
  • Anthems
  • 2D/ 3D graphic animation

film-production-still-shootEngaging and entertaining – the two ingredients that you need to put forth your message across the silver screen. The more you add of both, the better the results. And that’s exactly what we brew at MX. From idea to execution, we put together stories that woo the audience, placing the brand right in their minds.


  • Exhibitions
  • Retail Branding & VM
  • Shop Store designs
  • BTL Solutions
  • Promotions and Events
  • Activation

experiential-exhibitions-events-retail-idSurely, above the line advertising is important, but so is everything that lies below. And we love digging into the otherwise, not so glamorous side of advertising. Our Exhibitions, Events & BTL Vertical is one of the more specialized units, with depth of experience & expertise to handle anything and everything. We have a highly evolved and collaborative team-based approach to every single project. The approach is simple and cut-throat clear with theme-based events and exhibition collaterals. We ensure that everything is interactive to engage customers. We ensure a hands-on experience that implements promotional requirements from concept to completion. And it’s all focused towards one single goal – to get you a lot more, for a lot less.


  • Inaugurations
  • Model Management
  • Brand Ambassadors

celebrity-managementRight from the top grossing actors to models and celebrities, we have just the right one you need for your brand. Suggesting and getting the perfect brand fit on board is our job and we execute it precisely. Welcome aboard!