Eurokids Pre school

How do you put a brand on a pedestal in an unorganised, unbranded space.

Eurokids is the country’s leading brand in the pre school segment. The client wished to embark on a rapid pan India growth plan. The brand was up against a few regionally active brands and a number of pop and mom and aunty next-door pre schools which mothers who were relatively unaware of the advantages of sending the kids to a pre school with scientific curriculum content have traditionally patronized.

The Brief

The agency was commissioned to primarily help in creating a brand differentiation, increase awareness and increase the brands footprint across the nation.


The agency delivered incremental franchisee points by creating a strong value perception for the brand allowing it to command a substantial price premium versus category norms and by reinforcing core brand values ,superior content, integrity and  a super foundation for the child’s development.

Media usage

TV, Print, Radio, digital, events and Brand Collaterals