Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan

In a sea of cosmetics parity, how do you stand out and stay differentiated?
What we Believe:

Well thought out Branding strategies that are driven by consumer insights can drive breakthrough business results for the short and long term. What it basically requires is smart strategic thinking, logical creative thinking and perfect execution.


In 2008, Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan, a traditional Ayurvedic company had big ambitions to enter the personal care segment with a new range of herbal cosmeceutical products. The company was a very strong player in the traditional ayurvedic medicine space with a robust distribution set up across the country. This new ambition of the company was to tap into the aspirational millennial population in tier 2 and tier 3 towns and cities thru products that are aspirational for the consumer in a form that is appealing and accessible.

The Brief

MX was mandated to handle the brand ,create brand awareness and build category awareness for a product that did not exist as of then.

The company’s plans were to first launch a facial bar with ingredients that helped in creating a softer glowing skin and in a fragrance that was captivating. This launch was to be succeeded by launching a range of products across the skin care and hair care category under the umbrella brand name which would give the company considerable leverage in the market place and economies in media too. The entire range was to be made available nationally and targeted at an aspiratiional audience looking for time tested beauty solutions in the natural space. The first product a natural face bar was unique in the sense that it gave the user a facial like glow every time the product was used but without the costs associated for a facial, making it a first of its kind product in the country.


The Agency was entrusted with the task of branding the product, packaging, positioning and strategizing winning communication strategies. Thus was born FACIA, the FACIAL BAR. FACIA was positioned as a facial bar that lets you cleanse your face without using a harsh soap or the myriad face washes, cleansers etc. which were around. And it was convenient to use – a bar that one could conveniently use every day { unlike the special visits to a parlor for a facial that one had to make and that too only on special occasions which demanded such special treatment} at a sweet price too{ price equivalent to Rs 1/ a day to get a natural facial like glow every time you used the product}– hence the brand positioning AAB HAR DIN FACIAL. The agency created a new category in the crowded face care market which was abound with soaps, face washes, face scrubs, cleansers etc.

The journey with the company started with FACIA Facial bar which then extended to face washes, hair oil, hair color and a bathing bar too. The agency was also mandated to handle the creative duties for a few traditional brands of the company which needed a makeover and consumer facing communication too- e.g. SNOREOFF.

Media usage

The agency utilized a multimedia strategy to build the brands which included TV- across national GEC Channels, regional channels, Regional Print media, Out of Home Media, and marketing collaterals for market place visibility.


The brand facial bar is today the leader in the facial bar category which never existed before this.